Your Initial Consultation

On your first visit to see us our main priority is to make you feel welcome. We understand that something new can be a daunting experience. Our friendly staff will ask you to fill out our patient history and consent forms. This provides us with your health history and information about your complaint.


First we will find out how we can help

Next you will sit down with your local Belmont Chiropractor to discuss your health concerns. We know that in order to get the best understanding about your problems we need to get the information from you in your own words. We will then find out what your goals are so that we are best able to care for you and design the best strategies to get you there. Other aspects of your health may be discussed; such as stress, diet, exercise habits and other medical conditions which may reveal other aspects of your health that you did not know that Chiropractic may be able to help with. Over all well-being is key to maximising health!

Physiotherapist massaging a brunette woman in a medical room


Diagnostic Work-up; Find the cause of your problem

Once your Chiropractor has all the information needed, they will do a thorough examination to see what is wrong (diagnosis) and find out how well your body functions as your body should. This will allow your Belmont Chiropractor to find out what has gone wrong and what needs to be done to fix it. Expected healing times and recommendations will also be formulated. If needed you may be sent to have further testing such as X-Rays, but don’t worry, these are fully bulk billed by medicare.


Neurological Testing

In some cases it is important to examine the integrity of the nervous system and the nerves themselves. Muscle weakness, reflexes, pain and touch sensations, balance and co-ordination and the nerves of the head and face can all be tested if required.

Treatment begins right away

Once we have all the relevant information and if safe to continue we will start your treatment right then and there. Relax, you are on the road to recovery!